a {t-shirt} monster mood board

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At yesterday’s remakery sewing club, the girls and I tackled t-shirt monsters!
I decided to collate a mood board to introduce the concept and I took in some of my own children’s monster softies.
I wanted the girls to design their own creatures on paper first ( we used old brown paper which gave the process a realistic ‘designer’ feel).
The shapes were varied, and, by its’ very nature the project lent itself to simple outlines.
Fabric choice was next! Lots of old t-shirts were harmed in the making of these monsters!
I was really pleased to see the girls give their selections a lot of thought and they all decided to have a different colour for front and back.
Lots of lovely chat took place; I was particularly pleased that they related the making of the creatures to the making of their pin-cushions.
‘This is like the pin-cushions, we will sew the pieces together, turn them inside out and stuff them.’
Next week we will begin the process of adding features and in so doing will learn how to sew buttons, add patches and generally give each creature lots of personality!
vintage textile softies
This image, above, is amazing! I have spent a long time looking at it and spotting something new!
The simplicity is totally deceptive…this must have been quite a process, selecting, disgarding until the creator was finally happy.
Denise Litchfield is the artist.


This article is so hard to read ( a little easier via the link). However it is worth squinting at, to gain an insight into Denise’s  process.

This would be perfect for me to have a go at…the combination of linen and Liberty would work particularly well!

Thank-you for reading.


thrift and find

I love thrifting! The thrill of the unknown…the possibilty of finding something pretty, something useful, something unexpected, something joyful.

I love the variety. There is a whole new collection every few days: no waiting for weeks for new stock.  A buzz everytime.

Today’s little haul was quite a mixture..a a bit of this and a bit of that.

The ‘Make do and Mend’ book is from 1943; a beautiful pink cover and really evocative images.

Two sample pots of Farrow and Ball paint! Such yummy colours and perfect for prettifying some old wooden boxes.

My eyes were immediately on stalks when I spied this Liberty print skirt! Sadly it is a girl’s skirt, and no match for my waist, but the fabric potential is delightful.

Finally three pretty Pyrex bowls to add to my collection…always a joy to find.

Not quite sure how the carrot and orange muffin made it into my basket; I figured that it would make a good photo prop before consumption! Scrummy.

Thank-you for reading.

friday {fabric} flowers

This beautiful  fabulous floral tote bag landed in my inbox early this morning.

Thank-you to http://seekatesew.blogspot.co.uk/ for this lovely tutorial.

I have been a subscriber to Kate’s blog for about a year but have never left a comment.

Feeling brave I wrote from the heart and submitted my post. Nothing happened, no error message, no comment appeared. Very confused.

Guessing that the fault lay with me, I tried again but the same thing happened

As always I resorted to a little research on Google where I discovered that comments from WordPress bloggers onto Blogger blogs are often not registered. I am slowly becoming more familiar with the blogging world…how odd some of it seems.

Anyway, should Kate ever read this, I wanted to thank her for a straight forward tutorial with wonderful visual guidance (just my cup of tea!)

I will be using a version of this with the girls in my sewing class; I will repurpose some left-over canvas bags for the lining ( they were originally used for party bags at the fifth birthday party of little boys one and two}

I have plenty of vintage sheets, but I do like the smaller flower detail on these pillowcases…I may need to go shopping!

A little aside,  today I was asked  to undertake a large sewing project by a very important person! More details will follow.

Have a lovely weekend and thank-you for reading.

friday flowers


roses in bonne mamon jar

Foraged Friday Flowers

‘Friday flowers’  was a tradition that I eagerly embrached. A bunch of long stemmed lillies or peonies were always faves!

Now however flowers fall into the ‘desireable’ rather than ‘essentials’ list.

After a tough half term, mainly locked in the house with two small boys due to the appalling weather in London, I figured I deserved a treat.

These white roses have been tumbling delightfully over the fence from my neighbours garden for a couple of weeks now.

They were looking rather battered this week due to constant rain and wind, so I decided to bring a few indoors to enjoy their last few days close up.

Out came my trusty Bonne Maman jam jar ( a favourite with many bloggers I know!). I was fortunate enough to buy 12 from ebay last Summer; sadly I missed out on a bargain box of 30 last month…she who hesitates!

Yes, that is a glimmer of sun! It came out long enough for a quick photo.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank-you for reading.