remake it: sewn pyramid paper pouch

A new series of posts using recycled and/or recyclable materials.

1. A gift pouch.

Inspired by a 1970’s fav! Not sure if these were/are peculiar to the UK?

So evocative of long, sunny, carefree days!

Lovely Jubbly!

I used  paper that was free in ‘Craft Seller’ (issue 13/August 212). This project would also be a great reuse of wrapping paper (although not really thin stuff!), and also old magazine pages;  something with some weight because of the sewing and to hold the final shape

I wanted to make a little sweet bag to give to one of the girls leaving sewing group this week; I enjoy machine sewing paper and  knew that this would be a quick project!

Fold a piece of A5 double sided paper in half, but without making a crease:

Next up sewing! I used a zig-zag stitch as when I used a running stitch the paper perforated too easily.

You should now have an open top pouch:

The pouches are now ready to be filled! I chose smarties!

The pouches could hold all sorts of things, including small gifts. I will be making some more for my boys to give out at school as thank-yous to the staff.

If putting in something like biscuits, then popping the biscuits inside a small glassine bag or wrapping them in greaseproof paper first will prevent staining the pretty paper!

The final stage is to sew up the pouches. This could be done by sewing straight across the top.

However, I like the ‘pyramid’ effect created by taking the side with the seam and ‘pushing’ it across to meet the opposite side of the pouch. The photo below will do a better job than me with this explanation!

Instead of sewing the sides of the pouch they could be closed with the use of washi tape for a pretty edging, or plain sticky tape.

I also think these would make lovely invitations; the invite itself could be printed onto the paper and thus hidden inside, or a slip of paper could be popped inside with all the party details.

I am sure that there are many more uses for pretty pyramid pouches!

Thank-you for reading


polka dot peg doll

After many hours searching for red and white striped straws at an affordable price ( why are they so inflated?), I clearly had red and white fever!

This is one of those projects that came about without any real planning…just a desire to make something!

I hope that the following pictures and words are explanation enough should you wish to remake!

I used a transfer for the peg doll’s face, as I had some left over from previous peg doll makes!

Fine markers can be used to create a face full of personality with hair to match!

Once you have sewn to the end of the cup cake liner, pull your thread gently to ruffle up the skirt some more.

Place the peg doll into the centre of the ruffled liner, pull (gently!) to close around the peg and secure with a couple of stitches.

I decided to use embroidery thread in a contrasting colour to make a feature but it would be just as easy to use matching thread to avoid this.

This would make a simple summer project for a beginner sewer…the potential for variation is huge!

I have mine displayed on my bedside table: she makes me smile.

Thank-you for reading.