Blogging saved my life. A little dramatic?

Blogs saved my sanity and without that life would have been very difficult over the last 3.5 years.

My life and that of  my family changed dramatically in October 2008; the banking system in Iceland collapsed and with it our business and our livelihood.

Emotionally distraught and financially ruined, changes came quickly.

The world of blogs initially fulfilled the necessity of escapism. Pretty, perfect, unblemished lives were laid out for me to sink into.

I soon stumbled across the first blog that I read from start to finish http://www.treefalldesign.typepad.com/.  I realised that blogs did not need to gloss over the bad times, and that bad times do not last forever.

The second blog that I treasured reading was http://www.martawrites.com/.

Beautifully written and centred around family life, with  a strong sense of the writer and her journey to establish a blog and business.

Hundreds of blogs later I feel ready to contribute; nervous but ready.


I would like to share my love of crafting and partying. They have given me joy and purpose when all around me seemed hopeless.

I have discovered, through necessity, much about the potential for  recycling and repurposing. Chic creativity on a budget.

I have graduated from being a charity shop virgin to a graduate thrifter…the thrill of the hunt and the smug satisfaction of the find!

I hope also to share my journey into the world of running a small business and establishing a blog with heart.


I began life as a Primary School Teacher and then became a Lecturer in Early Years Education.

I live with my partner of 26 years and our three boys ( big boy one and little boys two and three).

I currently run a small business, ‘the re makery’, teaching sewing and crafting to young children and organising tea and craft parties.

Thank-you for reading.






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