spray paint dreams…


Thank-you to : http://fatbuddhastore.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/pantone-spray-paint.html

Just imagine if this was not just a concept but reality! As this image is from 2009, it would seem that Pantone spray paint may well remain just a dream.

I was inspired to investigate spray paint projects when the following arrived in my in box one morning:

There have been so many times that I have passed over naff tins because I knew that covering them with paper wouldbe slow and painful! Spray paint is the answer!

I often spy baking tins too…no longer safe from my clutches!

Of course a major part of the success of these two projects has been the use of  Krylon spray paint.

An hour of fruitless internet searching led me precisely no-where…it appears this make is firmly an American beauty!

None-the -less I carried on searching for tips about spray painting techniques.

Thanks to Becky Higgins for the following pdf which gives loads of top tips for beginners:


Inspiratation is all around:

This was made for a baby’s nursery, and I can envisage something similar for craft storage.

After a little more investigation I came across something called Marabu Do-It Spray. This sounds like it covers a multitude of surfaces and comes in a wide range of colours:

Of course I will need to  road test it…

Thank-you for reading.


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