a {t-shirt} monster mood board

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At yesterday’s remakery sewing club, the girls and I tackled t-shirt monsters!
I decided to collate a mood board to introduce the concept and I took in some of my own children’s monster softies.
I wanted the girls to design their own creatures on paper first ( we used old brown paper which gave the process a realistic ‘designer’ feel).
The shapes were varied, and, by its’ very nature the project lent itself to simple outlines.
Fabric choice was next! Lots of old t-shirts were harmed in the making of these monsters!
I was really pleased to see the girls give their selections a lot of thought and they all decided to have a different colour for front and back.
Lots of lovely chat took place; I was particularly pleased that they related the making of the creatures to the making of their pin-cushions.
‘This is like the pin-cushions, we will sew the pieces together, turn them inside out and stuff them.’
Next week we will begin the process of adding features and in so doing will learn how to sew buttons, add patches and generally give each creature lots of personality!
vintage textile softies
This image, above, is amazing! I have spent a long time looking at it and spotting something new!
The simplicity is totally deceptive…this must have been quite a process, selecting, disgarding until the creator was finally happy.
Denise Litchfield is the artist.


This article is so hard to read ( a little easier via the link). However it is worth squinting at, to gain an insight into Denise’s ¬†process.

This would be perfect for me to have a go at…the combination of linen and Liberty would work particularly well!

Thank-you for reading.


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