reflections + revelations of a {very} new blogger

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After posting 15 times over the last two weeks I am still feeling very out of my depth!

I believe that I have  a clear focus for my blog…I still do, but am struggling to convey that. At the moment I have more ideas than I know what to do with.

I want to be consistent, to be real and to be relevant. I want to build a {very} small business. I want to improve my blog’s appearence, I want to be part of Facebook, to be part of twitter, to be supportive of the blogging community.

I have just begun and yet I compare myself with very experienced bloggers.

To help myself with a reality check, today I looked at some of my favourite bloggers; I looked at what they posted in the first few weeks of starting their blogs.

If you haven’t done this already, then I urge you to do it NOW. It is a revelation; the best begin in much the same way as we all do. Tentative posts covering a variety of areas and often relying on the beautiful images of others…feeling their way into the job!

I am in no position to point directly at anyone’s first efforts; I looked at very successful blogs and wondered how they started. They did not begin with perfect, polished  posts. They began at the beginning and worked hard to develop their style and substance.

I am also trying to find time to read and comment on other people’s blogs; I have quickly realised that this is a way of getting your blog ‘out there’. I have discovered new to me blogs as a consequence of others liking and commenting on my posts, obviously this works both ways.

I was left wondering which blogs to comment upon; I follow many of the ‘big’ blogs but never feel confident enough to comment. After reading the following I may change my mind!

The Diva blogs are not necessarily any better than anyone else’s. Consider they just got to the senior playground first. Mingle with these bloggers, talk to them, comment on what they have to say. Let your blog stand shoulder to shoulder with them on the blogging red carpet. As I tell my children, quoting from Anthony Robbins, “People’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.”

Staying solely in blog circles with low expectations or without the same aims, will affect the quality expectations you have for your blog. Aim higher!

And when we become fearful about moving forward (because more exposure will mean we are open to more scrutiny), remember – to avoid criticism we must say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

Food for thought!

There are many, many articles offering advice for new bloggers, this one stuck with me! It seemed to pinpoint my fears and turn them into positives.


tips for new bloggers

1. You’re awesome

I mean that. Diving in to this blogging thing is no small feat. Be proud of yourself for becoming more technologically astute. I mean, how many other people do you know in real life who are starting blogs? See? You’re ahead.

2. There is a huge learning curve

We’ve all experienced it. It’s not just you, I promise. Take it slow. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I know it’s exciting at first, but when you start to feel a bit stumped, take a break and come back later. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself nutso. (Ask me how I know.)

3. Google is your (best) friend

I’m bummed I can’t help all of you who email me with questions. But honestly? A lot of the time, I just google an answer for you anyway. That’s my little secret. :) Do it enough an you’ll eventually become a googling ninja and then you can figure out just about anything. (And here’s what I do when I get errors and warnings.)

4. As a new blogger, you’ve got (at least) one advantage

Now don’t take this the wrong way.  I know we all want to be a lot further down the road than we are.  But you are where you are, so embrace it. Don’t get caught up in having everything “just so” or making sure everything is “just right.” One of the greatest things about starting a blog is that you can make all kinds of mistakes and it doesn’t matter because no one is reading it yet anyway. Sure, you could focus on the fact that you don’t have a lot of followers at the beginning. Or you could focus on the fact that you have a lot of freedom. It’s all about perspective.

However, when I consider what I wish to achieve in the blogging world ( as in the real world) the following summarizes  my overiding purpose:

be that girl...

Thank-you for reading and have a good weekend.

2 comments on “reflections + revelations of a {very} new blogger

  1. ideasexplorer says:

    “To avoid criticism we must say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.” I like this phrase. If we could be remembered about it every time we get criticisms, we would feel much better and much more open to it. Also, since criticism is unavoidable, we’d better learn how to cope with it.

  2. theremakery says:

    I agree with you about this quote, it is just so hard not be hurt by criticism when you feel that you have done your best. Constructive criticism is always worthwhile. Criticism without understanding is trickier!

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