haberdashery love

‘Our food is served on mismatched vintage dishes

Our coffee bowls are stacked higgledy-piggledy on the espresso machine.

Our wall is decorated with a mosaic of victorian fireplace tiles.’

Just looking at this photograph engulfs me with joy. It reminds me of Moomah creative cafe in NYC http://www.moomah.com ( subject of my heart’s desire on pinterest!)

The Haberdashery  (http://www.the-haberdashery.com) is ‘an eatery and coffee house’.  It is located in Crouch End, London and I feel so lucky to live within walking distance.

I remember watching progress when the building was first being prepared for its’ current use.

p1000119.jpg (3648×2736)

The signage outside proudly advertised that ‘The Haberdashery‘ would be opening soon. At that point I was giddy with the prospect of a real haberdashery store in my neighbourhood…what bliss.

Soon afterwards it was clear that this haberdashery was to be a coffee-house, and I admit to being so very disappointed!

How wrong could I be. Soon after it opened it 2010 I became a regular.

It has a rustic, vintage, retro feel to it. Tea-sets, teapots and some handmade items are for sale and form part of the eclectic decor; cosy and inviting.

The Haberdashery is populated by mums after the early morning school run, actors (James McAvoy is a regular!), and by Crouch End workers. It really is a ‘local’ for locals and for visitors who come to escape the high street coffee chains.

Homemade muffins are baked in clay flower pots; charming and quirky. Earlier this week I tried the carrot and orange muffins…moist and scrummy.

I recently bought a pretty pink tea-set; I went back three days in a row to keep my eye on it ( I find decisions difficult, and I admit to dreaming about this tea-set!).

The tea-set is now safely home with me, ready to be used for the launch of The Remakery crafty vintage tea parties.

I will photograph it as soon as it actually stops raining long enough to unpack it and position it in natural light; September perhaps?

Whilst on the subject of (lack of) Summer, The Haberdashery has a cosy, bunting decorated back garden. A real sun-trap (as I recall from last Summer), and an escape from the bustle of Crouch End.

Lunches are wholesome and, as with the muffins, perfect washed down with pudding bowl servings of coffee.

p1000114.jpg (3648×2736)

As if it needs anything else to recommend it, The Haberdashery runs weekly (first Friday of the month) Barboot Sales.

In the words of The Haberdashery:

On the first Friday of each month from 7:30 to 10:30pm, the Haberdashery turns into a colourful and kaleidoscopic bazaar with community artists, craftspeople and vintage sellers.

Vintage Clothing, Vintage Jewellery, Crafts, Bric a Brac, Antiques, Kitchenalia, Handbags, Vinyls, Flea Market, Vintage Haberdashery, Art, Jumble and much more…

Cocktails served in vintage tea cups, Live Music and a Garden full of Candles and Fairy Lights…

barboot vintage market



22 Middle Lane
Crouch End, N8 London
0208 3428098

Have a good weekend and thank-you for reading.

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