olympic posters

Rachel Whiteread London 2012: an official London 2012 Olympic poster

I love this poster (above) by Rachel Whiteread, and I think the title is fabulous ‘LOndOn 2012’.

This is an easy design to be inspired by and recreate…it brings out the school teacher in me!

It is accessible and meaningful; bring on the toilet rolls and paint please!

This poster is part of a series of twleve commissioned specifically for the Olympics and Para Olympics.

The full twelve can be seen here:

The 12 posters chosen to represent the Olympic Games 2012 (Pic: PA)


I guess that I must have a thing for circles ( quite relevant for an Olympic blog post!)

I really like these two unofficial posters from:


These can  be recreated and used to represent other sports quite easily by using the rubbers on the end of pencils with either ink or paint, or food colouring…

And this is how they did it when London last hosted the games:

London 1948 Olympic poster

Finally, an alternative Olympic Poster idea, exploring the way in which objects can be orgnised into groups of five


Another example of  art that is easy to connect with, is self explanatory and engaging.

Sarah Hyndman has now committed herself to the Olympian task of arranging five objects in this way every day until the Games start in July.

Follow her creativity here:


I am going to try this one out myself…watch this space!

Thank-you for reading.

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  1. Samar says:


    Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. 🙂

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