friday {fabric} flowers

This beautiful  fabulous floral tote bag landed in my inbox early this morning.

Thank-you to for this lovely tutorial.

I have been a subscriber to Kate’s blog for about a year but have never left a comment.

Feeling brave I wrote from the heart and submitted my post. Nothing happened, no error message, no comment appeared. Very confused.

Guessing that the fault lay with me, I tried again but the same thing happened

As always I resorted to a little research on Google where I discovered that comments from WordPress bloggers onto Blogger blogs are often not registered. I am slowly becoming more familiar with the blogging world…how odd some of it seems.

Anyway, should Kate ever read this, I wanted to thank her for a straight forward tutorial with wonderful visual guidance (just my cup of tea!)

I will be using a version of this with the girls in my sewing class; I will repurpose some left-over canvas bags for the lining ( they were originally used for party bags at the fifth birthday party of little boys one and two}

I have plenty of vintage sheets, but I do like the smaller flower detail on these pillowcases…I may need to go shopping!

A little aside,  today I was asked  to undertake a large sewing project by a very important person! More details will follow.

Have a lovely weekend and thank-you for reading.

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