if you don’t have a dream…

The remakery is my own little business venture!

This image of  moomah cafe in New York City ( http://www.moomah.com)  was one of my first pins on this board:


Kid cafes - moomah

The philosophy and environment that is moomah is my ultimate aspiration. The remakery is a (tiny) step towards this.

I have  been preparing for the launch of the remakery  in one form or another for many years!

Folders, books, notebooks, pinterest pinning, and  an ever-expanding google reader stash are testament to my quiet obsession!

I have dreamt about running sewing and craft classes for children and have also longed to organise eco-friendly parties.

I have planned thoroughly for both and today saw the first remakery sewing class; I was joined by three of the sweetest girls and we had a ball!

I plan to organise some  remakery crafty tea parties over the Summer, ready to take bookings from September.

I hope that they will be a little bit of this:


and a little bit of that:

vintage tea party


Thank-you for reading.

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