bananas about picmonkey!

I have been busy preparing for the first remakery sewing and craft club ( my new business venture) alongside getting to grips with blogging basics!

Today I decided to combine the two!

Image from

Below are two simple images edited via which I will use in my first sewing class as pictorial reminder for the girls to take home.

Just like pinterest,  picmonkey is intuitive; no long tutorials to read and master before being able to create something that I could only previously have dreamt of achieving.

I very much learn by doing, but equally want quick results to reward my efforts.

To demonstrate how basic my computer knowledge is you should know that I struggle to save documents and pictures in folders on my laptop; I spend so long looking for something that I have saved somewhere!

Picmonkey is free and offers so many options for photo editing…all at the touch of a button (my preferred style!). Adding text, overlays, frames, and producing collages are all within reach to a bit of a technophobe like me. Try it and see for yourself!

I was truly amazed at what I could actually do; I thought that these effects were confined to photoshop or someother fancy pants photo editing programme. I am so pleased to be wrong!


Thank-you for reading.

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