non-droop flowers!

pretty pinks all in a row.

My Friday flowers quickly drooped! I was therefore inspired to create some rather longer lasting blooms!

Rummaging around my kitchen drawers I unearthed some old IKEA serviettes in just the right shade of pink.

There are tutorials all over the web to make these flowers.

I cut the serviette into four squares (following the ready folded lines) and concertina folded to the end.

I tied them around the middle with a tie twist leaving a short tail hanging down.

I cut each of the ends into a point and began to fan them out. Soon my flowers were blooming.

Concertina folded, cut to a point and tied around the middle.

With the addition of a stripy straw stem and a retro milk bottle vase, I was done.

Small boys one and two declared them ‘beautiful’ and  expertly sniffed them. Realistic indeed!

The top two photos are my first experience with picmonkey…I am hooked and will post more details about this fabulous photo editing site tomorrow.

Thank-you for reading.

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