friday flowers


roses in bonne mamon jar

Foraged Friday Flowers

‘Friday flowers’  was a tradition that I eagerly embrached. A bunch of long stemmed lillies or peonies were always faves!

Now however flowers fall into the ‘desireable’ rather than ‘essentials’ list.

After a tough half term, mainly locked in the house with two small boys due to the appalling weather in London, I figured I deserved a treat.

These white roses have been tumbling delightfully over the fence from my neighbours garden for a couple of weeks now.

They were looking rather battered this week due to constant rain and wind, so I decided to bring a few indoors to enjoy their last few days close up.

Out came my trusty Bonne Maman jam jar ( a favourite with many bloggers I know!). I was fortunate enough to buy 12 from ebay last Summer; sadly I missed out on a bargain box of 30 last month…she who hesitates!

Yes, that is a glimmer of sun! It came out long enough for a quick photo.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank-you for reading.

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